Kyiv is the ancient city in eastern Europe. The first mention dates from the 5th century, but large settlements existed here for 25,000 years BC. According to one of the historical theories, the modern capital of Ukraine founded by the Huns on the site of the destroyed Arheimar the capital of the Ostrogoths.

On these lands settled various civilizations as Trypillians, Scythians, Sarmatians, Avars, Polyans etc. Kyiv is also known as the cradle of the East Slavic peoples - the State of Ruth, which was founded by the Vikings.

Before the attack of the Golden Horde in the middle XIII century, Kyiv was the largest city in Europe and numbered about 50 thousand inhabitants. After the Mongols, the city was under the control of the Galician King, the Lithuanian Principality, Poland, and from the XVIII century the part of the Russian Empire until the independence of Ukrainian state. Throughout its history, the city was burned down and rebuilt several times.

The Soviet Union, with its social policy of equalization and the destruction of history, after its collapse - has created a generation of people with lost self-identification. For which their city is not worth, but a resource. Due to corruption and greed, Kyiv becomes a monument to a scumbag. Chaotic high-rise buildings from chip materials, without taking into account the infrastructure, the load of roads, the number of inhabitants, - is the evidence that the modern city developing without thinking about the future. In the historic centre of the city, developers don't allow the work of archaeologists and destroy the past.

Will the city survive new inhabitants? It is difficult to say. Unlike its predecessors - the new inhabitants destroying the unique natural landscape that was created by millions of years and many centuries was a part of the identification of the city in the ancient sagas and modern literature.